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Say Hello to Our New OlyFedders!

This past quarter we were pleased to welcome five new OlyFedders to our family of caring bankers. These individuals bring a multitude of talents, skills and tremendous personal values to our team and we’re excited to introduce them to you:

OlyFed Employee

Alyeen Frasier, Universal Banker 

Ayleen Frasier joins the Yelm Branch team as a Universal Banker. Ayleen has worked in customer service for five years and in the banking industry for three. On her days off she likes to spend time with her friends and family, go thrift shopping, and do outdoor activities. She loves to travel and her most memorable trip was to China where she got to walk along the Great Wall. Join us in welcoming Alyeen!

OlyFed Employee

Michaela Anderson, Customer Service Representative

Michaela Anderson joins us as a Customer Service Representative at the Downtown branch. She has been working in customer service for nearly five years and is excited to move into banking and join the OlyFed team! She enjoys being outdoors and making art – she’s spent the last two years studying still life drawing. Join us in welcoming Michaela to OlyFed!

OlyFed Employee

Kirsten Tate, Customer Service Representative

Kirsten Tate joins the Hawks Prairie team as a Customer Service Representative.  Kirsten’s prior experience is mostly in retail and customer care. She loves photography and launched her own business and website last year! Kirsten is also a mom to a very wild and fun two-year-old boy, she says. Please join us in welcoming Kirsten to OlyFed!

Kelly Nicholson, Loan Servicing Assistant

Kelly Nicholson joined us in December to temporarily assist the Loan Operations team. With Kelly’s prior experience in loan processing and as a Loan Officer, she jumped right in and was a wonderful addition to our team. We are excited to announce that Kelly now joins us as a permanent member of our team as a Loan Servicing Assistant! When not working, Kelly loves to spend time with her pets. Please join us in welcoming Kelly to the OlyFed team!

OlyFed Employee

Casey Ritchie, Customer Service Representative

Casey Ritchie joins the Lacey Branch team as a Customer Service Representative. Casey’s past experience includes retail and customer service. He enjoys listening to music, modifying open-source code, studying cultures, and collecting pottery, cups, and teapots. Please give a warm welcome to Casey!