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Credit Score Monitoring Tool

We’re excited to offer a robust personal finance management (PFM) tool. This easy-to-use solution categorizes your purchases and spending patterns then generates a budget for you; making it easier for you to reach your financial goals.
Below you will find a number of short and helpful tutorial videos to help understand and utilize OlyFed’s budgeting tools found within Digital Banking.

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Categorizing Data

Linking Accounts


Stay on Top of Your Credit with Real-Time Credit Reports

An important part of budgeting and planning for the future is not only understanding your financial picture but to protect the credit history you have built. Our credit reporting and monitoring service does it all and in one dashboard. From monthly score updates to tips on increasing your credit score, we’ve got it all.

Never miss anything with real-time security updates any time your credit file changes; helping you keep an eye out for identity theft. With your credit report, you will find a list of open loans, accounts and credit inquiries. You will also see details on your payment history, credit utilization and public records that show up on your account. You can even set up the program to send you email alerts when there been a change to your credit profile.

SavvyMoney utilizes VantageScore 3.0 from Transunion and it will never directly impact your credit score. When accessing your credit file information, it results in a “soft inquiry” that doesn’t alter your score in any way.

User’s Guide

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  1. If you’re already a digital banking customer, skip to step two! If not, you’ll need to sign-up first.
  2. Login on your desktop or through OlyFed Mobile on your tablet or smartphone
  3. Select “Credit Score” from the main menu
  4. Enroll by completing the short sign-up form
  5. You’re all set!