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Help make responsible banking a lasting practice with programs specially designed to encourage the young people in your life to manage their money and reach their savings goals.

Account Options

Youth Accounts Jump Start Checking Super Saver Account Dream Builder & Saver CDs
Minimum Balance to Open
Minimum Balance to Open $50 $1 $50
Earns Interest
Earns Interest
Digital Banking
Digital Banking None

* All accounts offer digital banking.

Account Details

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Jump Start Checking
It’s the perfect (and perfectly free) way for young people through age 18* to experience responsible saving and spending.

  • $50 to open
  • Free digital controls so parents can help manage money and spending.
  • No monthly fee or minimum balance
  • Earns interest on any balance
  • Free debit/ATM card, nationwide access to 40,000+ surcharge-free ATMs
  • Personalized financial education

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Card Control

Card Control helps you protect and manage money; guide your young person in budgeting, reduce stress and help protect them against fraud. It provides transaction alerts along with the ability to customize and define when, where and how an account’s debit card is used.

With this free digital tool, you can turn the debit card on or off in an instant for any reason using your mobile phone. This is a great feature to protect against fraud if an account’s card is lost or stolen. Even better, you can control where the card is used by location or business type. In addition, you can set spending limits for general use or by specific merchant types, and, with real-time alerts, you know when and where a card is being used for an added layer of security.

Card Control Terms & Conditions

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A teenage daughter with her mother at the dinner tableSuper Saver Account
Help your kids learn the rewards of saving with a tried-and-true starter savings account.

  • Just $1 to open
  • No minimum balance
  • Competitive interest rate compounded daily, paid quarterly

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A mother kissing the cheek of her teenage daughterDream Builder & Dream Saver CDs 
Help your child save for long-term goals like college, summer camps, travel experiences and more with our specially designed CDs for youths 18 and under.

  • Enjoy higher competitive interest rates
  • Dream Saver allows you to contribute what you want when it’s most convenient
  • Dream Builder allows you to set up monthly automatic contributions

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