Savings choices for short- and long-term goals

If you’re here looking at our savings options, you’re clearly a big fan of safe and secure products and strategies that provide flexibility and predictable growth. Our skilled bankers can help you develop the right mix of high-yield products to help you buy your dream home, take the trip of a lifetime, send your kids to college or save for retirement.

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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
An IRA is your time-travel machine, propelling you to a secure future. Go there now, with this great long-term savings vehicle.

  • Open for as little as $50
  • Make additions of $50 or more anytime
  • Enjoy tax-deferred growth
  • No annual fee or administrative fees
  • Save at tax time: IRA contributions may be deductible*

Current IRA Rates & Disclosures

*Consult your tax advisor

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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
CDs are the smart way to protect your funds while earning a secure, predictable rate. Receive interest in regular installments, or re-invest automatically and keep your money working safely. Choose from an array of terms, features and minimum balances:

  • Maximize your returns with “laddering” – we’ll show you how.
  • Check out our add-on and bump rate CDs that allow you to invest more money or bump up to a higher rate without extending the maturity date.
  • And, watch for seasonal limited-time CD specials throughout the year.

Current CD Rates & Disclosures

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Companion Savings 
Open a Companion Savings account along with an OlyFed CD and earn a high yield on both accounts while maintaining the ideal mix of flexibility and reward.

  • Earn a CD-like rate
  • Easy access to funds – withdraw anytime
  • No time limits

Current Companion Savings Rates & Disclosures

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