Everybody's Got Their OlyFed Story

Mutual Banking is a verb and not a noun. It is community banking in action. In fact, at OlyFed we are more than just a place to deposit your money and to get a loan, we are a community resource center led by a caring and knowledgeable family of bankers who are dedicated to advancing the lives of our neighbors and our local economy.

Accountable to our customers and not corporate shareholders, our vision is to be financial partners that build long-term, lasting relationships in which we celebrate diversity and use our resources to help our communities succeed. With products, services, educational resources, tools, technology and expertise; we’re here to provide insight and support when it comes to budgeting, managing credit, account security, financial planning and goal setting, business development and so much more.

Since 1906, our customers’ collective stories have been our story for they are at the center of our mission and values. To demonstrate how we put people and relationships above the bottom line, we asked some of our Senior Leaders what Banking that’s Mutual means to them.  Below you’ll find their stories along with a great sense of passion each of our team members bring to serving the needs of the people who call Thurston and Mason county home. 

Relationships Above the Bottom Line

Many people are familiar with not-for-profit credit unions and for-profit banks; however, not much is known about mutual savings banks like OlyFed. That’s because we are different. We’re in our own unique category called you-profit. As a mutual, we’re accountable to you, our customers, not corporate shareholders. With our business model, mutual means more…for your wallet, for your future and for your community.

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Values Above the Bottom Line

Since the beginning we’ve valued our relationships with our customers, employees and community above all else. In fact, if you look up OlyFedder in the urban dictionary you’ll find a description of our extraordinary group of financial professionals who find joy and purpose in the work we do. This is why it so important for us to take care of the people who care for our customers…

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Local Business Above the Bottom Line

A few years ago private sector jobs surpassed public sector jobs as the main providers of income in Thurston County. Moreover, of those businesses, 51% had less than 100 employees, meaning enterprise entrepreneurs drive our local economy …

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Home Ownership Above the Bottom Line

When OlyFed was founded in 1906, there were few options for buying or building a home, outside of paying cash. At that time, some insurance companies offered mortgages, but they were very different from the home loans we’re familiar with today…

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Savings Above the Bottom Line

When Savings is part of your name, you had better be dedicated to helping your customers improve their financial quality of life. That’s exactly what James McDowell had in mind when he and a group of community leaders started Olympia Federal Savings in 1906. At the time, most people in town kept their money in the safe at Talcott Jewelers, when this team of innovators had the idea of helping their friends and neighbors save their money safely and securely while providing a reasonable rate of return …

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Technology Above the Bottom Line

Technology has really transformed the way we do business, shop, communicate, access entertainment and experience life together.  It has also changed the way we manage our finances…

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Generosity Above the Bottom Line

More than 35 years ago I started my career as the receptionist here at OlyFed, following in the footsteps of our retired CEO Lori Drummond who had since been promoted to an administrative marketing role. I remember being surprised by three things when I was hired. First, the people were genuinely kind, thoughtful and friendly. Second, the culture was truly built on making a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers. Third, the organization did not fit my perception of banks; it was incredibly generous when it came to sharing its resources with its employees and our community…

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