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OlyFed Named Top 25 Bank Boards for Women

By: Aaron Myers, SVP/Chief Human Resources Officer

The diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, race and background helps create a healthy work and business environment.

Lori Drummond giving a speech to OlyFed employees

Just recently published an article about the importance of diversity when it comes to a financial institution’s board of directors, senior leadership team and employee base. In this article, they highlighted the Top 25 Bank Boards for Women in the United States and I’m excited to share that OlyFed was included as part of this illustrious group! In fact, OlyFed has 43% of its board and 60% of its senior leadership team comprised of women, including our CEO, Lori Drummond.

This article touched upon how the diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, race and background helps create a healthy work and business environment, where new ideas are shared and valued.

In our business, diversity of people, thoughts and ideas help ensure we meet a wider-spectrum of financial and community needs with more innovative and personalized solutions. In short inclusivity and equity, create opportunities for more people to thrive.

While building a supportive and caring organizational culture has long been a top priority, we also recognize we have an ongoing need for improvement, growth and learning.

This is the reason why we recently hired a diversity, equity and inclusion expert to help our entire team identify how we can develop more meaningful and transformational connections and relationships with the people we serve.

Progress is movement in a positive direction and we are grateful for the momentum generated by the customers and community partners who inspire and encourage us towards greater levels of excellence each and every day.

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In fact, if you look up OlyFedder in the urban dictionary you’ll find a description of our extraordinary group of financial professionals who find joy and purpose in the work we do changing lives in tangible ways. It’s why we’re consistently ranked as one of the top places to work in Washington State and why we’re always on the lookout for incredible people to join our team.

If you’re interested in any of the great career opportunities we have open right now, I would encourage you to apply. Moreover, if you’re looking for a new bank and a team of financial professionals you can trust, I can’t think of a better place to invest your money and to turn to for advice, support and the tools to take your dreams from possibility to reality.

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