Your OlyFed

Say Hello to Our New OlyFedders

This past quarter we were pleased to welcome six new OlyFedders to our family of caring bankers. These individuals bring a multitude of talents, skills and tremendous personal values to our team and we’re excited to introduce them to you:

Kelly Nicholson, Loan Servicing Assistant

Kelly Nicholson joins our Loan Operations team as a Loan Servicing Assistant. With more than 10 years of experience in Loan Processing and as a Loan Officer, Kelly brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to OlyFed. In her free time, Kelly loves gardening, outdoors, and snowboarding, and enjoys vacationing in Mexico and the mountains. Join us in welcoming Kelly to the OlyFed family!

Casey Ritchie, Customer Service Representative

Casey joins our Lacey branch team as a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Casey brings years of customer service experience working in the retail industry, which will help further OlyFed’s efforts to go the extra mile in serving our customers. Casey enjoys listening to music, modifying open-source code, studying cultures and collecting pottery, cups and teapots. Join us in welcoming Casey to the OlyFed family!

Alyssa Gustafson, Customer Service Representative  

Alyssa Gustafson joins our Westside Branch team as a Customer Service Representative. Alyssa has spent years wowing customers in the retail sector and we are so glad she has joined the OlyFed team. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys theater, reading novels and spending her weekends going camping and hiking. Join us in welcoming Alyssa to the OlyFed family!

Alyssha Neely, Accounting Assistant

Alyssha Neely joins our Accounting Department as an Accounting Assistant. Alyssha has a diverse background having worked as a party host, cashier, manager, letter carrier and most recently an Escrow Assistant. She currently has a side business making and selling her artwork. Alyssha enjoys challenging her mind and creative side with puzzles, art and brain teaser games. Please join us in welcoming Alyssha to the OlyFed family!

Omar Arcelay Barbosa, IT Support Analyst

Omar Arcelay Barbosa joins our Information Technology team as an IT Support Analyst. Omar is an American citizen born in Puerto Rico.  After spending a year in the technology program at the University of Puerto Rico, he made the decision to serve in the United States military.  Over the course of the past two decades, he had the honor and pleasure of collaborating with people from a variety of countries and cultures. His experience in the military taught him the importance of working together as a team, maintaining open lines of communication and being willing to make personal sacrifices for the team’s overall success. Some of Omar’s hobbies are hiking, cycling and dirt biking. Please join us in welcoming Omar to the OlyFed family!

Karrington Robinson

Karrington Robinson joins our Downtown Olympia Branch team as a Float Universal Banker. With two years of banking experience, Karrington has also worked in the hospitality industry bringing with her both knowledge of financial services and customer care. Karrington loves everything Disney and all of the Harry Potter movies.  Please join us in welcoming Karrington to the OlyFed family!