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Internet Explorer is no longer supportedBeginning Tuesday, October 6, our online banking system will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer, for safety and security purposes.

In fact, Microsoft recommends everyone stop using Internet Explorer (IE) because the company has discontinued its development efforts with this product and moved to supporting Edge, its newest internet browser.

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So what does this mean if you’re currently using Internet Explorer?

Starting October 6, you will not be able to access OlyFed’s online banking system if you’re utilizing Internet Explorer (IE) as your web browser, we recommend moving to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Why doesn’t OlyFed support older browsers like Internet Explorer?

Software makers continually release new versions of their browsers and stop updating the old ones. These older versions gradually loose compatibility with current technology. Support for older browsers must be dropped in order to incorporate the newest, best, and safest technology for your financial security.


Why do I have to set up Multifactor Authentication into the OlyFed mobile banking app again?

When a new IP address or browser is detected, we trigger the user to re-authenticate through multi-factor authentication for security purposes. We want to make sure your confidential personal and financial information is safe using best practice security protocols.


I don’t want to lose my bookmarks. Can they be carried over to my new browser?

Yes! Here are some instructions from leading browsers.

Moving to Chrome

Transitioning from Internet Explorer to Chrome: during new installations of Chrome, the user will be asked if they want to import their bookmarks from Internet Explorer. The user can select “Yes.”

Moving to FireFox

Moving to Edge (Windows 10)


Which browser do you recommend?

Google Chrome is a more modern and secure browser. It’s built on a new framework and is updated on a more frequent basis. Microsoft Edge has even moved its backend framework to utilize the same backend as Chrome. Firefox is also a solid browsing solution, with similar updates and security features. They all offer a significant security and functionality upgrade over Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Will I have to keep doing this (updating)?

Generally, no. Newer browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge have auto-updates turned on by default. Safari will update when you update your operating system. However, it is good for you to check that your browser is up to date from time to time. Your financial security is our priority.

If you have further questions or if you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Digital Banking Team at (360) 754-3400 or [email protected]. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition.

For reference purposes, in a recent post by Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s worldwide lead for cybersecurity explains “the perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser.”

Read Reference Article Here

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