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Rebecca Bonneville Named Employee of the Quarter

We are proud to announce Rebecca Bonneville, Loan Officer with the Belfair Branch, as Employee of the Quarter.

Rebecca was selected for the honor because of her tireless efforts to support the entire Belfair team, while managing a full portfolio of customer loans and community involvement. In fact, Bonneville has done an incredible job of juggling many customer needs, from jumping in on the teller line and answering phone calls to helping train and guide staff through new procedures.

OlyFed Loan Officer, Rebecca Bonneville, in front of a maritime mural in Belfair, Washington.
Olympia Federal Savings Loan Officer, Rebecca Bonneville, in front of a Maritime mural in Mason County, Belfair, Washington.

Outside of the branch, Rebecca serves as a board member with the North Mason Chamber of Commerce and is chair of the annual Giving Tree event, which provides food and gifts to hundreds of families in need during the holidays.

“Rebecca consistently handles challenging situations and workloads with grace and she never settles for nothing less than excellence in her service to our customers and community members,” Lori Drummond, President & CEO said. “In fact, Rebecca is incredibly kind and thoughtful and generous in all her actions, demonstrating the tenants of servant leadership in her words and actions.”

“It’s truly inspiring to see the outstanding work of our entire Belfair team this past year as they have remain resilient and committed to delivering care and high quality service in all that they do, in light of all the challenging circumstances,” Drummond continued.